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From the cable car, hovering over the city, where buildings rise alongside gardens and kitchen-gardens, you can enjoy Funchal’s amphitheatre and bay in a scenario of blues, greens and oranges.

  • Opening
9:00 am
  • Last Boarding
5:45 pm
  • Travel duration: 15 a 20 minutes
  • Route: length 3200 meters sloping
  • 364 days per year

Terms of use

  • Minimum capacity 4 people
  • Maximum capacity 6 people
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Ticket Teleférico do Funchal

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Round Trip




Children (7-14)


Criança (0-6)

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The Experience

The city of Funchal is recognized as Garden City, result of the familiarity of the green spaces with the houses, with great floristic wealth, in a symbiosis between the countryside and the city. This landscaping and environmental harmony provides pleasantness to the experience of the cable car ride.

Watch the city depart, and climbing the slopes approach a steep nature fitted by the Atlantic blue. From the city to the top of Monte parish, see also the natural beauty of the Madeira, its orography and geology.

As you go up the environment will evolve and the urbane mesh will be substituted by verdant slopes, hills and valleys, in a journey with the city and the sea in background. The ride ends in Monte, town with a scenery and surrounding romantic, where it can be visited:

Madeira Cable Car

Travel between Funchal and Monte location with landscape and romantic surroundings.

Monte Funchal Madeira Island


The parish of Our Lady of Mount was established in 1565, is now designated only by Monte. Mount is one of the nicest places in Madeira. With a prime location in the amphitheater of Funchal, the village of Monte, located about 9 km from the center. and 550 m above sea level is undoubtedly one… Read more »

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The base station is located in the garden of Almirante Reis, in the historic area of Funchal, with the top, in Monte, halfway between Largo das Babosas and Jardins do Monte. This location has a pedestrian correspondence with the top terminal of the Jardim Botânico Cable Car and is not far from the Monte station of the rack railway of the Comboio do Monte, extinct in 1943.

Madeira Island