The preservation of the environment and Madeira heritage in general, as well as the possibility of generations in the future to enjoy.

Between the sea and the mountain there is an environment friendly transport – the Funchal Cable Car.

The electric drive, without emission of Carbon dioxide gas or other gases, make the cable car a means of transport which substantially contributes to sustainability. While traveling by cable car is still promoting a reduction in the use of cars and pollutant buses, inducing minor inconveniences caused to population and safer pedestrian circulation.

Come and ride the cable car in Funchal and take a trip through nature.

On your travels to the environment. Let yourself bookmark the places you visit, not the other way around, remember:

  • Save water and energy
  • Choose the most sustainable means of transport, whenever possible for your means of transport
  • Avoid pouring detergents, soaps, and other chemicals into or through water
  • Do not make fires in the mountains and Do not disturb or remove animals or plants from their natural habitat
  • In hotels, reuse bath towels and keep lights off whenever possible
  • Choose hotels that follow a sustainable tourism policy
  • Consume local products