Places of interest

Of mild climate and warm sea waters, the Island of Madeira is one of the most appreciated European islands.Its landscapes are unique and impressive, the gastronomic culture is traditional, the waters of the sea are crystalline and the people are friendly and hospitable.On this Pearl of the Atlantic lies a vegetable mosaic with great diversity of exotic and Mediterranean vegetation. Particularly Laurissilva, a type of subtropical wetland endemic to Macaronesia, finds its highest expression in the highlands of the island of Madeira, where it is the largest and best preserved sample, with an area of ​​approximately 15,000 hectares. This forest was classified by UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage in 1999.One of the best ways to get to know this fantastic environmental heritage is to walk in the paths and paths that cross this green spot and allow direct contact with the endemic species of the flora and fauna of Madeira.And on this seafront garden were growing picturesque villages with bits of history and life, where you can find unique hotels, restaurants, museums and many ethnographic references.Madeira is like this. Green and blue. Mountain and sea. Fields and hills. Sweets and Salty. Youth and wrinkles. Tradition and innovation.