Quinta Terreiro da Luta

A place where culture and nature meets Funchal stunning views.

The 850 meters from the sea lies the Quinta do Terreiro da Luta. The building has the characteristics of so-called “chalets” Swiss in vogue in Europe at the time, with the roofs in sharp twist and inclined, and at the top a small lantern tower. The set also has to spring one castellated tower in the neo-Gothic taste and the entire facade is developed for large gardens, across a broad set of doors, and there is also a lower floor of arcades.

In 2010 a photography museum that deals with the history of the Iron Way from Mount or Mount Train was established. There are permanent exhibitions on the ground floor of arcades on painting and sculpture.

The July 2, 1919 was inaugurated a bust in bronze, of João Gonçalves Zarco, 1st Captain of Funchal, by the sculptor Francisco Franco, whose execution date 1914.


The privileged location of the Quinta do Terreiro Fight gives you a unique view of the city of Funchal, combined with its green and always well kept gardens, make this historical space pleasant and a reference of the Madeira landscape.