The cult of Our Lady of Mount comes from immemorial time.


When Adão Gonçalves Ferreira built the primitive Chapel of Our Lady of the Incarnation, in 1470, was born, there, Marian devotion in honor and praise to that ninety-five years later would have the title of Our Lady of Mount.


The Virgin Miraculous is attributed to legendary scene appearance and obtained other requested heavenly favors, to the Virgin, in distressing times the Madeiran population. This same service was up, little by little, expanded and widespread throughout the island, passing then to many other corners of the world, where are Madeiran immigrants. This religious cult was accentuated even further when, in 1950, instituted the “Brotherhood of Slaves of Our Lady of the Mount.”


There are several legends of Our Lady of Mount now, from generation to generation since the early days of settlement to nowadays.