Quinta Jardins do Imperador

Quinta Jardins do Imperador, last residence of Charles I of Austria, he chose to live in Monte against the exile who was forced by the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The fifth, at the time, was called Quinta Cossart, named after a previous owner, and was transferred to the imperial family in exile by Rocha Machado family that has acquired.

Built on Mount in the eighteenth century by James Gordon who created the garden and also a Malakoff tower known as Quinta do Monte. In 1899 the property was bought by banker Rocha Machado, who in 1921 offered temporary residence to Emperor Charles I of Austria and his family. Today this property belongs to the regional government and given the name of the Emperor. Quinta dos Emperor Gardens has the magnificent architecture of the Malakoff tower a ringed coffee trees and a colorful rose garden, an idyllic landscape overlooking Funchal.

note: Currently closed to public