Cablecar Funchal Monte

Teleférico do Funchal percurso Monte


The city of Funchal is recognized as Garden City, result of the familiarity of the green spaces with the houses, with great floristic wealth, in a symbiosis between the countryside and the city. This landscaping and environmental harmony provides pleasantness to the experience of the cable car ride.

Watch the city depart, and climbing the slopes approach a steep nature fitted by the Atlantic blue. From the city to the top of Monte parish, see also the natural beauty of the Madeira, its orography and geology.


Monte Ilha da Madeira

As you go up the environment will evolve and the urbane mesh will be substituted by verdant slopes, hills and valleys, in a journey with the city and the sea in background. The ride ends in Monte, town with a scenery and surrounding romantic, where it can be visited:

Monte Ilha da Madeira

Here there are the traditional “basket” of Monte, which from more than a century slide in return to Funchal – a simple and lively experience – and very current regarding to its ecological characteristics wich are environmentally friendly!

Continuing one of the traditional tours and most appreciated by the tourists and by the population, erst provided by the Monte train, the Funchal cable car offers nowadays to its passengers a ride on the landscape and a 360 view, comfortably seated – all with window seat.


The system’s main control functions, such as speed regulation and the opening and closing of the clamps that suspend the vehicles from the cable, are permanently monitored by automatic mechanisms and electronic safety circuits. 

All of the systems and components of the mechanical installation are also the most technologically advanced on the market, giving passengers a smooth ride in absolute safety. 

Monte Station is the station that drives the system and also has a garage for parking the cabins. Funchal Station, also called the return station, is where the cable’s constant tension hydraulic system is housed.

The steep journey is approximately 3,200 metres long, climbing up a height of 560 metres. The line’s speed can be regulated up to 5.0 m/s, which means the trip can be made in 11 minutes. Normally, however, the journey takes 15 minutes.

Funchal Cable Car also uses the safest running and operational methods. The whole operating and maintenance team operates according to standard procedures in terms of regulations and manufacturer’s manuals, on which staff received initial training, followed by refresher and development courses.

Características técnicas

Caraterísticas Técnicas

Technical information

  • Route: Length 3173 meters sloping
  • Speed: 4 meters / second
  • Highest tower: Tower 3 <-> Tower 4: 540 m
  • Largest span between supports:
  • Transport capacity: Up to 800 people per hour in each direction
  • Vehicles: 39

Show your ticket at boarding

Saiba Como
  • The maximum capacity of each vehicle is 7 (seven) people;
  • The minimum capacity of each vehicle when there are passengers waiting to board is 6 (six) people.


The base station is located in the garden of Almirante Reis, in the historic area of Funchal, with the top, in Monte, halfway between Largo das Babosas and Jardins do Monte. This location has a pedestrian correspondence with the top terminal of the Jardim Botânico Cable Car and is not far from the Monte station of the rack railway of the Comboio do Monte, extinct in 1943.